We’ve moved to http://hayamakotono.lolis.net !


As of now consider this the backup blog only. Please update your bookmarks and RSS subscriptions to the new site. I won’t be updating this location anymore.

New location is at: http://hayamakotono.lolis.net

If you leave a comment on this blog and not the new one it will just be trashed.

Easy way to get the google results to show our new location instead of this one?


The webmaster tools won’t let me do a “change of address” unless I own the domain. They won’t do it for sub-domains… grr. Also wordpress.com won’t do a redirect without me giving them personal info and paying them for it. Anyone have any other ideas on how to make the new site http://hayamakotono.lolis.net show up in google search instead of this old site?

Release #108 – Get it at our new location: http://hayamakotono.lolis.net!


Can’t get it here! Go to our new location!




Is the name of our new IRC XDCC bot. If you want to get our releases until we have a new blog location. Hop on our IRC channel. #hayamakotono @ irc.rizon.net

/msg buttsnuggle xdcc list or click here for the list.

I’m still uploading everything to it, so give me a day or so before all packs are added. Everything should be added now, let me know if I missed anything.

We need a new place to host this blog…



“Links to external services and vendors that include a unique identifier within the link destination to tie the link to your account.”

We don’t use links like this.

“Personalized storefronts for services that use multi-level marketing or commission payout methods.”

We don’t do this either…

“Links to file sharing services or link redirectors that give you “credits” or payment when visitors click on the links or download the files.”

Mediafire doesn’t even do this… I don’t think Megaupload does either… Regardless we don’t make any “credits” on our links at all.

“Links to pay-per-click services.”

We don’t get paid per click either…


I would complain to wordpress support but I’m afraid they will just delete the blog, and I’d rather it stay up so I can link to the new location from it.

If anyone wants to give us a place to host the blog running wordpress so I can just import my backup and upload the pictures (I have them all saved locally), please leave a comment with your email address or drop by our IRC. Thank you.


#107 [Ueda Yuu] Tobidase! Koakuma Ch.03


Sorry it has been so fucking long since a release… seriously. Anyways, I personally liked this one even if HaKo didn’t.

(Please do not post this link on other sites such as 4chan, it will get reported by feminazis.)


PS. Get the fuck on IRC bitches! We used to have around 40+ or so people in the channel, now it is only 25-32 or so lately… so DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS!

Status updates…


Hako has been busy with irl stuff and work lately so sorry we’ve been slow to release anything lately.

We have a couple of things almost done though. Once things are back to normal releases should start flowing again hopefully. And yes, we do still plan on doing everything on the To-Do List.

Next chapter in that Ueda Yuu tank is about 80% done btw…

#106 [Nikopondo] Eve ~Like an Angel~ 5


Fun with without pantsu.


ExHentai Galleries

I’m not bothering with other mirrors this time because all of my UploadMirrors an Flameupload links are dead it seems. Either they got reported, or someone was posting the individual links that FU or UM created and if you do this then FU and UM will delete the links themselves because they want you to only download them by linking to their site first. If they see a bunch of downloads on one of the hosters for a file, while not a matching amount of hits to their own site they kill the link. Plus, if someone links it on 4chan it will just get reported by some feminazi with sand in her vagina. So yeah, don’t expect me to keep the site nice with tons of links and mirrors if people are going to go around posting them places where people like to report links. If you want the links on this site to stay alive for future visitors then please make your own non-mediafire links for sharing this stuff other places.



You never stick on IRC long eough for me to reply.

Anyways, looks like someone else already got that doujin and can scan it for us.

Please, do not post the links I put here on rs.4chan.org!


If you want to post one of our releases on rs.4chan.org. Please don’t use links from this blog. In fact, do not even re-upload to Mediafire and link on rs.4chan.org, cause the files will get banned permanently. Use another hoster and post them there if you must.

Edit: I just re-uploaded them, but mediafire automatically deletes them now, it must remember the filename or MD5sum or something. ONLY files posted on rs.4chan.org suffered this fate. Guess you’ll just have to use exhentai or find them someplace else for now cause I don’t really like other filehosters. Again please do not post our links on rs.4chan.org (or anywhere else) cause this is what happens. Don’t even re-upload our releases to mediafire and post them there either, use another hoster.

I just re-uploaded the 5 dead links, and here is one of the links I JUST uploaded… already deleted:

I guess I’ll replace these 5 links with Megaupload ones a bit later… report broken links in the comments on the appropriate post…